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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 12, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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twitter. tell us what your answer would be. thanks for joining us and hope have you a great weekend we'll see you back here on monday. our first guest says that leader nancy pelosi is like a tiger in the corner, and that is not all. before voting, the republican representative watching on the record and while watching he was tweeting, nancy pelosi calls him
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a moral hazard. sounds like obamacare to me, but one difference, we know what is in it. good evening. >> good evening, greta, good to be with you. >> glad you were watching last night, glad you were on social media tweeting, we invite everybody to do that. seems like there was a little problem within the democratic party last night. >> well, i guess we must be doing something right. we have a bill on the floor where my democratic friends on the other side of the aisle say you won't believe it, i just had nancy pelosi come over and say vote no, and joe biden saying vote yes. in the six years in congress that i've been there i have never seen anything like this where you have the white house and the president and the vice president actively calling house members asking them to vote for a bill. and then you had nancy pelosi saying vote against the bill. and then you had steny hoyer,
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the minority whip, so even leader nancy pelosi and the whip hoyer were on the other side of the aisle. we have elizabeth warren in the senate, people who are at the outer edge of the far left wing of the democratic party who simply can't believe the fact that the voters spoke against them. elected republicans instead of democrats and rejected their policies and so they're trying to blow the place up. and they really wanted to shut the place down because there were some provisions of the bill they didn't like. >> well, if they didn't like the provisions or in the case of senator warren in the last minute the bill about government spending suddenly what was jammed into it was something about protecting banks. i thought it was because i thought it was an issue unrelated to spending. but it really didn't belong in a spending bill, it was about appropriations and the government spending.
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>> when we go through the appropriations, as the house and senate are supposed to every member of congress is allowed the ability to say you can't spend money on certain things. it is a way to impact policies and the house representatives passed 11 different appropriations bill last year. the senate didn't pass a single appropriation bill. they rejected their ability to do so. >> i guess congressman, the thing i didn't like, a lot of those amendments, those are special deals for special people. that is the problem, that is how they appear to me, either they come in at the last minute. and i certainly don't want to shut down the government but they do certainly get sneaked in. >> well, first of all, i think it is kind of funny that the democrats are the ones saying we snuck something in when it was in the light of day. people were allowed to read the bill which is why they were able to object to it before they voted on it. that was in sharp contrast to
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when i was in the minority and nancy pelosi ran the place and we didn't get to read the bills. i vividly remember her saying, we have to pass it to find out what it is all about. and while i respectfully disagree with senator warren, they should have done the appropriation bills and then we could have conferenced them before the election so we wouldn't be at this end of the hour situation we're in. my hope next year, greta, not only will the house pass appropriation bills and work its will. but hopefully with the new leadership the senate will pass the appropriation bills and we wouldn't be in the final hours like we are here. >> and you guys set the deadline and you want to set started on your work so we don't rush the line, but hold your breath on that one. anyway, congressman, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, greta, always good to be with you. so where exactly does the spending bill stand right now,
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mike? >> well, greta, everybody seems to think there will be the votes to pass this. the timing, senator harry reid wants an agreement to get a certain number of presidential nominees through before the senate leaves for christmas recess. let's take a look at the senate floor where they're talking about whether or not they're for or against the massive bill. to buy time the congress has passed the temporary extension to funds the government through tomorrow night. the house passed a second temporary extension to fund the government through wednesday night. so nobody is talking about a government shutdown. the question is timing when they do these votes. a lot of folks are thinking perhaps late tonight the senate will pass this government function. some interesting politics and interesting pairing as it comes to this government extension. we had an amendment offered by an unlikely pair, their concern
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is the dodd-frank banking regulation being weakened by this deal. warren suggested it could lead to more government bailouts by the banks. so she is fighting it. so at this point it looks like it will not get a vote, it is nearing the end of the process and everybody is thinking about getting home. exactly when is in question. but there are a few must-do things before they leave. we could get a vote on the government extension tonight. and many are upset with president obama over his wheeling and dealing to push the spending bill through the house. >> the motion is adopted. >> i'm glad it passed the house and i'm hopeful it will pass the senate. >> it is time for all of us to stand up and fight. >> the world needs to compromise. >> who will it work for? wall street or the american people? >> if you're a republican, you should simply sit back and enjoy
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this. >> most house democrats rejected the president despite phone calls and visits from dennis mcdonough, why did they reject it? >> it is a great free-for-all. >> i am enormously disappointed that the only way the white house feels they can get a bill is to go along with it. >> people talk about the great civil war among republicans. i argue it is rubbish. the real civil war is among the democrats. >> we're not going to support this bill. we're not going to do it. >> and joining us, jessica, thank you for joining us. that last comment by leader nancy pelosi where she says the president thinks the only way he can get a bill is by going along with it. that certainly does suggest a weakening or decay with the relationship between president
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obama and leader nancy pelosi. am i right? >> it does seem like it. and there is a lot of finger-pointing, it went both directions with nancy pelosi pointing at the white house and the white house pointing at the leadership. >> well, it certainly doesn't say much. these two need to work together politically. there was a public display last night which at least suggests things are crumbling at least for the moment with the democratic party and on the hill with the president. >> well, i don't know if things are crumbling so many as much as we see the new emergence with the members that are there. the members of the democratic party who actually voted for the bill, many are on the appropriations committee itself and worked on negotiating the bill. they are members of the democrat coalition, which is a more moderate group with steny hoyer.
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you had a lot of the more progressive numbers that voted against it. not only because of the dodd-frank weakening, but the political party money spending that went in. so there is a lot of issues going on here as to what the future will look like i think for the next two years in congress. >> what is very interesting, president obama i don't believe he was so active on the telephone. he sort of sat back and let leader nancy pelosi take over, obviously a different position, but they moved the senate over the the republican side. we now see a president who seems a little more engaged but the engagement we see is almost a declaration of war when he is fighting with the leader of the democratic party in the house. >> well, i don't know if it is a declaration of war. interesting to see him finally getting engaged with the house and maybe recognizing this is what would have been helpful for a lot of different initiatives
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in the last four years. there are certainly a lot of members and different groups, it is interesting even with senator reid, you know, it is interesting to see his office come together now with the president on this bill. because it is important to get an appropriations bill passed. it was important to get funding for the government. and you know as you mentioned there are these provisions that were thrown in that really have no place in a spending bill. but that is how appropriations bills work as the congressman said, unfortunately that is the way it happens in washington. but it is one of those things where there is finger-pointing, it happens, then you get on board with each other. it is called actually working together. and for some reason, compromise has become a bad word for people. and you see it in both parties where you have obstructionists who were elected, who have been republicans and who come into office and who will be there and even give john boehner a run for his money. if you look at what happened they had only two votes shy of
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this bill not making it through. and having to go back, john boehner was busy twisting arms among his members as nancy pelosi was and the president. >> jessica, thank you for joining us. and more than twice as many house democrats voted against the spending bill as voted for it. so are democrats the new party of no? is it the start-up of a new trend? join us with our panel, and "the wall street journal". >> almost as much as one of the south korean parliamentary brawl that you see pictures of. but what i think we're seeing is a real rise of post democratic parties. the elizabeth warren faction rising. if elizabeth warren does run for president last night was a shot at that campaign. >> do you think if we stripped
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out the provision, basically giving whatever they want to call the weakening of the dodd-frank, making sure that banks can't get bailed out -- >> i do think so he is fighting a very tough fight saying it belongs in a last-minute appropriations bill, which i think a lot of people would disagree wholeheartedly. he is absolutely right. 2016 is just around the corner. people are positioning themselves around obama, but also positioning themselves as potential candidates. and if it were not for that dynamic, and the fact this is a very unusual bill. to the point just made that speaker john boehner was not able to get all the votes he needed. there were a lot of things coming together to make this a very weird situation. >> but i mean, i suppose the political drama, having leader nancy pelosi and president obama so publicly disagree. >> i expect a quick makeup.
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>> kiss and make up? >> i don't think this is going to last. i think you're going to see more cooperation among democrats and the new congress. i don't think they're going to be the party of no, because i don't think it is in their political interest to do so. to the lower obama approval rating is when he leaves office the more difficult it will be for democrats to grease the skids for a successor. they all know that. it is in their interest to put legislation on obama's desk and help them get some accomplishments in the next two years. that is what you will see. yeah, you will get some posturing from the elizabeth warrens to establish themselves, but they will come together. >> i think leader nancy pelosi put her heels on the ground and drew the line. i don't know, maybe you're right and compromise is good. but i don't think -- >> what are they going to rationalizati compromise with republicans on? you can imagine some dogs and cats trading, but are they going
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to repeal the obamacare -- >> except the -- >> they wouldn't repeal it, correct, but i think you see openings for compromise on obamacare. i think that is what schumer's comments and tom harkin's comments are about. they see president obama as a political loser and they're trying to get coverage to distance themselves from this bill but also from whoever the democratic nominee is, to give that person coverage as well. >> yeah, i'm not sure i'm agreeing that they are running full flight away from obamacare at this point. but in the end, the democrats lost. they put their heels in yesterday. john boehner didn't have the votes from his party that has the majority. but even before the new senate has come in that is republican, the democrats tried to put up a fight but didn't have enough support to do it. i don't think it will be they're going to be the party of no. they have not demonstrated -- >> i think left and right should agree, this is a horrifying
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process, dropping the bill and voting on it thursday. >> and that is the way they always do. that is why they got to change. anyway, panel, if you will stay with us, we have more to talk about in just moments. and fox news alert, california, look out, a powerful storm battering the west coast. and today the storm moving from southern california to northern california and triggering flash flooding. christina? >> well, greta, what a difference a day makes. you know, earlier this morning it was raining and then the sun came out but the work is far from over. i want you to take a look, city crews are still cleaning up from all the mess, this is one of the areas during the mission district, it always floods during heavy rains. the emergency response team said it would take months to clean up and recover. right now they're working on the water damage and let me tell you it is a lot.
11:16 pm
now, this area had a river running through decades ago. and there are ramps closed, with the flooding that is the main thoroughfare between the city. and the traffic yesterday was at a standstill as the roads were shut. a few downed power lines, but thankfully most people will not be in the dark today. this morning there were 700 people without power. at last check there were only 40, as you can see for yourself the damage is already done. people have a lot of work to do. san francisco is just slowly getting back to normal, greta? >> christina, thank you, rick? >> incredible rainfall totals, take a look greta, almost 15 inches of rain in one spot in california, 11 in shasta and big
11:17 pm
sur, we have had one wind report that has been all the way up towards 139 miles an hour. so very, very incredible wind amounts with this. the heavier rainfall has been across parts of central areas of california. take a look, just south of the bay, where we've seen the rainfall amounts, so much population right in there causing so many problems. got to tell you, we're not done with this just yet. we still have some rain showers coming through the san francisco area, although much lighter. but the heavier rain now moving into the las vegas area and overnight tonight moving into parts of arizona and the four corners. take a look at what this future radar does over the next 24 into 48 hours. we'll watch one storm here, this storm developed into areas of the central plains, talking about quite a bit of snow and to the south. taking a look behind it, the next storm on its heels, more
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rain for california. there is another storm behind that for wednesday and another storm next friday and saturday. so a train of storms bringing more and more rain across california. >> rick, thank you. and straight ahead, news that president obama is definitely not going to like. we'll tell you what it is. plus, wait until you see who is appearing in a new rap video, a video that is urging people to kill cops. coming up next. here's a question for you: when electricity is generated with natural gas instead of today's most used source, how much are co2 emissions reduced?
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we're for an opens you internet for all.sing. we're for creating more innovation and competition. we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules. according to new "u.s.a. today" pew research center poll. the poll finds 42% of americans predict 2015 will be worse than 2014.
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and our political panel is rich, that 42% think it's going to be worse. that's up 7 points from a year ago. >> yeah, happy new year. it's depressing. there is this persistent deep sourness in the country it has a lot to do with the lackluster recovery that people really haven't felt. just ground down by this weak recovery with no wage growth. and then also just people institutions in this country from government on down to everything else. so, it's a really time of great anxiety and pessimism. >> philip, how you can trust a lot of what we hear about3!@rñ all this government waste. you hear that on capitol hill fight over bills people sneak stuff in last minute you can't read the bill whether you are for theyg@o bil or against the bill the process looks16 slick. republicans do it, democrats do it. >> that's exactly right. one of the thing that's interesting about pew poll democrats have seen the biggest decline and switch away from saying they feel optimistic about the future.
11:23 pm
republicans have actually become more optimistic for the past two years which i think is interesting. democrats have gone off the cliff to some extent. that's a foundation of exactly this sort of discord that you areaedq seeing. wage stagnation. people are not seeing money coming into thoir pockets even though they are seeing the stock market go up and hearing the good news. it's hard to get excited when those things are happening. >> you have got to have money in the market to have appreciation. loot of people can't afford to have money in the market. >> particular itly felt in the holidays. kids areh8 asking for things and the money isot agree it is the economy. the most¥ pitiful recovery since world war ii. on the fifth year of this economy. yes, the unemployment rate has gone down but that's only because fewer people are looking for work. there is just not a lot of and then you have got these roving bands of angry protesters pretending there is some epidemic of cops shooting black people randomly. there is just not a lot of sunshine out there right07 >> psychological mood of the country does have impact on the economy. whether people are willing
11:24 pm
to take risks. if they are scared they are hanging on tight. not taking a chance. >> if you look at numbers and how many people believe in the american dream, they are extremely low as well. last time they were that low was 1983. when you had a recession. the recovery wasn't quite felt yet. and then it&fñ finally took hold and then you had reagan, you know, carrying forward a really positive message about the nation and how we need to be more self-confident andj&3ç patriotic and then you see everything on the upswing. >> and there is a deep distrust in our institution. the numbers on the approval ratings of congress are just horrible, high 30's, low 40s production and democrats alike american people don't trust institutions. >> when president obama came into office crowds of 90,000 people. people were inspired. black, white, all different ethnic, all different ages and now it's like everyone -- everyone is just down in the dumps according to these numbers. what happened? >> i think there is a cyclical to it to rich's point about 1983 the number
11:25 pm
of people feeling mess mystic. last time this lowf2fç shortly before the recovery in the 1990s, another way to get out of this is to have the economy pick up. >> is it an indictment of the obamab z policies? >> well, i don't know. i think that there is a strong argument to be made that part of the reason that washington is ground to a halt is that the opposition party for most ofí.iis obama's term has dug in their heels and said we are-!?z not going to go forward with policies the ones that you want. that has created tension in washington between obamaened at republican party. >> for a long time we had the house and the senate the. >> the most bitter ironies of the obama years for the president is he came in and wanting to restore faith in government. and as completely failed andmhq3 then the irony to philip's point the people who are feeling most pessimistic now are the coalition ironic. >> io÷6/r panel, thank you. always nice to see you. >> thank you. >> straight ahead mike rogers sending a rise about the rise of terrorism. is he blaming president is he blaming president obama. [ breathing deeply ] [ inhales deeply ]
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disturbing warning from mike rogers saying president obama is not doing enough toe>0é combat terrorism and the terror threat is as high today as has been at any time since before 9/11. >> the threat matrix i have never seen as bad as i see it today. i have been on this committee for a decade. i have never seen it sor7v,ç ba. why? because you have more streams of individuals who are associated with radical
11:30 pm
islam who are saying that they either an aspiration or a capability to do attacks in the west. >> and lt. colonel oliver north joins us. good evening, sir. >> greta, good evening. the get quote that mike rogers he knows because he has been on the house select committee and house chairman since 2010. >> i would like to know more than threat matrix. could he give us more specifics so i can protect myself. the threat levelya is high key give me more information? >> obama is awol in combating radical islamic terrorists since he came to office. sings we now kill and don't capture and interrogated the bad people we don't know what we don't know. the problem be is we have no human intelligence collection, virtually nonexistent and we now have feinstein's firestone torture report which is already making it harder for us to collect because our
11:31 pm
allies don't trust us anymore. on top of that you have the rise of the islamic state which can in large part íhmuñ blamed on obama's bugout from iraq that's what the troops call and it go it alone isolationism. thousands of radical islamitys from the europe and the westih÷ inspire to jihad. obama''s disengagement has created new dangers t/r threats. just like carter in the 70s. like bill clinton in the 90's. that's what led up to 9/ 9//'01. >> i got that's a threat. boko haram is another very obvious threat, i mean, i see every day what they are doing. and i see what others are doing and we are going to have a guest coming up talking about some beheadings of some christians.
11:32 pm
saying that, i wish he would give me a little more information so that i knew like, you know, is something coming tonight? is something coming tomorrow? is it sort of a general threat? what's this threat> ók5á scares me but i don't know what he is tell me.:é >> here is what he is telling us. he is telling us we don't have the means because of the cuts that we have made and defenses. not just the defense budget. it's all of the federal budget. and the agencies that collect intelligenceyí essentially amasculated by virtue of what dianne feinstein has done and the cuts that we have made. we no longer have the ability to collect that information. on top of it, the human intelligence collection program is nonexistent and so we don't how bad things really are all we can do is count the heads that roll as a consequence of isis. number of americans and westerners who have joined iç.s7,rh state extremism, that's the word that the administration used, we
11:33 pm
can't win that's not just propaganda, violent isis becomes the more recruits they gain. we though that. >> obviously, i am all with you, we need morefz,zñ i'm going to take -- collection of intelligence. i'm going to take the last word on that. colonel north, always nice to see you, sir. >> don't leave yet. i just want you to be able to see what i'm wearing right there. just so there is no doubt in your intelligence as to which side i'm backing tomorrow. >> okay. i think we know which side. is that army? >> oh,,aaé,hq gosh. [ laughter ] >> anyway, n for north. >> go navy. beat army. >> now to some horrifying news. evidence of just how evil isis really is the terror group beheaded four christian children in iraq because the children refused to convert to islam. that is according to the anglican church in baghdad. >> isis turned up and said to the children you say the words that you will follow mohammed. and the children all under
11:34 pm
15 they said no, we love -- they chopped all their heads off. >> joining us tam. you listen to that you just want to -- i don't know you want to do it with your bare hands kill isis. >> i know, greta. it is absolutely horrifying. but the sad news is that is not something new. that is just happening recently. we have seen this since the rise of islamist extremism since 2003. there have been so many masters and crucifixions. these four poor children younger than 15, greta, they refused to renounce yes, jesus. i'm connected to people on the ground that say look, not only are we being mastered because of our religion. we are being ethically cleansed. we are dying because it's cold.
11:35 pm
our children are dying because of fever and rashes. because,ç> since 12bg 3, the asyrian christian community in iraq, ñ them haveg >> i was the2 d"çñ with reverend franklin graham. i have been in refugee camps. i have seen those christians. i have listened to those christians talk. they are living in fear. they don't have food. they have got children walking in snow without boots on. you know, and it is incrediblefz k in that nation right now. these christians. what can we do? reverend frankly graham just shipped a whole 747 full of coats and boots there is a lot more that needs to be donathan just put clothes on them. >> iraqi christian relief council is an organization i founded back in 2007. i talked to cardinal francis george at the time i said what is the christian community doing for the brothers and sisters in iraq he? said this is your calling. this organization to educate americans. that's what we do. >> what can we get our government -- what can our government do? we have a lot of money and they have got a lot of power. >> you know, there are two
11:36 pm
ways of looking at it one is the immediate need that must be met. and the other is a long-term strategy that we must care for. the immediate need as much as you can. we need food, parcels. wexúy7x need blankets, shelters mattresses for these people. we have to allow thesetchñ people to,zt themselves, greta. >> if you have got kids who won't convert to islam so isis beheads them, i mean, that's just -- you know, i don't even know what to say to that as you noted, that's not unusual. the american people need to get islam, these people, isis is doing. this every single day. these are just ones we know about. >> right. exactly. i believe wholeheartedly that the islamic moderate muslims judeo-christian world must come together. we must all unite to really not only renounce but destroy this evil. >> are moderate muslims doing that? >> no. they are quiet. many of them are quiet. >> why? >> i think they are afraid. they are just afraid of speaking out. they are afraid of letting off some of the power that
11:37 pm
they have. a lot of them are brain washed. slowly. their children are being brain washed for example in baghdad although isis is not in baghdad today there are sot baghdad and iraqi military is stopping them from growing. because they are shiites,"-z really. but, however, we just have to put fear aside and unite against this evil. >> and it's not just iraq, it's not just -- the ones i saw in the refugee camp reverend franklin graham, it's northern africa keeps growing. >> exact. >> i joanna thank you very much. >> thanks, greta. >> next guest is 2014 "time" magazine person of the year. who is it? you will find out he goes "on the record" next. plus, a disturbing new rap video urges people to kill cops. but it gets evenézç worse. wait until you see who is appearing in thelc1?ñ video. that's coming up.
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today, president obama warning that as long as ebola is stillclfñp spreading iñ west africa, it is likely to
11:42 pm
come right back here to the united states. and joining us dr. kent brantly from samaritan's purse, we should mention dr. brantly is one the ebola fighters just named ass cj "times" 2014 person of the year nice to see you, doctor. >> nice to see you, greta. >> nice to be the person of the year. i suppose though that to achieve this one was quite a difficult proposition although it certain isly did put a zg spotlight on a big problem. >> i'm glad that "time" magazine named ebola fighters person of the year. i'm one representative face of many who are sacrificing others. and i'm glad the "time" magazine has brought ebola back to the headlines, keeping it on the head libraries, because the american people need> that's one of sort of the tragedies of this is that until -- i mean, world health organization talked about ebola beginning last march ant it wasn't until
11:43 pm
july when you first developed the symptoms of ebola and hit the headlines and, i mean nobody knew what to do. i talked to reverend frankly graham who called me and said he had a doctor in liberia with ebola and nobody knew what to do. into action to get you here to the united states. but, that's what created all that wef certainly are still in danger. >> well, this outbreak is still raging on. and i think the world, the international community is getting into gear. has been getting into gear for the last few months. and we're seeing some improvement because of that in liberia. but we need to recognize that there is still a lot of work to be done. the outbreak will not end until we end it. and we, the united states and we the international community have to help our west african neighbors bring an end to this outbreak. >> well, i looked at some numbers, liberia as you noted sort of stabilizing there. sierra lee own it is
11:44 pm
growing. president warning that if we don't do something we will get it back here. i'm curious, how are you doing? are you physically fit? >> well, i'm physically well. i don't know if i would say i'm fit or not but i'm doing well, thank you.e >> any interest in going back or not? >> greta. there is a part of my heart that wants to be back there every day. but i'm trying to use my platform here to do as much good ascii for the people of west africa to be a voice for those who don't have a voice here. and hopefully some day i will get to go back to the work i was doing before. >> i'm sorry for what your family had to go through but it did put abjp spotlight on a very serious problem that's going on in africa and as the president noticed could come back here pretty fast. dr. brantly, nice to see you as always a. thank you for joining us. >> thank you,écy5o greta. >> police are furious. public defense lawyers appearing in a new rap video. the video urges police to kill cops. our legal panel
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tonight police are outraged after two public defense lawyers appeared in disturbing kill cops rap video. the video that urges people to kill nypd officers. all these unjustified shootings. >> they may call them looting. >> it were the bronx defenders organization which pulls in millions of dollars in new york city funding. in eight statement, the bronx defender says it didn't know the final video would include images of cops with guns held to their heads and asked for the
11:50 pm
video to be taken down. katie defense lawyer ted williams. ted was also a police officer. ted, your thought about the lawyers having even a fleeting appearance in this video? >> greta, there is no defense when you lay down with fleas, you should expect to get fleas off on you. i'm not outraged. i'm absolutelyjg. pissed off. let me get something clear to our viewing audience. there are wonderful cops out here. and just because of a few incidents,n police department is painted with a broad brush. let me give you, this greta. in alabama, just recently, a white cop went to a place where there was a shoplifter by a black woman who was starving, didn't have eggs. the white cop, greta, went in there and, instead of locking this woman up, he
11:51 pm
wound up buying her the eggs and helping her out. and just recently, you yourself, went down to the national police memorial and i thank you for that, and the men and women thank you for that. because, on that memorial, you have many men and women. >> more than 20,000. >> moreig than 200,000. >> who have died.h]ho drink the kool-aid where you think that you are clients that you don't use good judgment. the idea of8é( remotely' a videoating in with guns to a cop's head is just so beyond the pale. >>+ as ted knows, as an attorney, you have to avoid the appearance ofahc impropriety.ék#or anything or am the bronx defenders to be a
11:52 pm
part of this video is not only outrageous but could be deemed to be an ethical, if you look at the new york code of professional responsibility for lawyers. you have to abide by a code of conduct that+cyg shows an integrity toward the profession. when you allow the naíp[i of your office and you allow, perhaps, evend( personnel from your office to participate in a video where the gun is being held to a cop's head, you really should have some accountability. the fact that the statement issued bynzú(áhe office says we're appalled that the video depicts a gun to a cop's head but they say nothing about the fact that the lyrics say kill a cop is absurd and there should be some type of sanction nabil conduct and something should happen to the people that did this. >> you know, ted, one of the big problems is there are so many good men and women, black, white, who are police officers, and there are so many black, white, where there are confrontations that go off-the-rails. and the problem is that when the lawyers sort of participate almost advocacy to suggest that they should
11:53 pm
kill cops,b-m even by a mistake is so profoundly stupid. such bad judgment. >> it is profoundly stupid, and it is terribly bad judgment. greta, i served in law enforcement. i served with wonderful men and women, white and black. and i can tell you they have had each other's backs. this is just very sad. it's a sad3t commentary when lawyers were l. get into bed with some hip hop rappers who are saying that police officers should be killed and in a video. and then the stuck on duped thing for them to say well, we didn't know that they were going to do this. what in the hell did you expect them to do? i mean, that is no excuse for me. >> you know, there are real problems out there and we really need to work on them. and we really need to put a spotlight on them. but we need to do it in the right way. not like this. not at all. >> give you the last 20 seconds. >> you know what? amazing as.
11:54 pm
that is like ted just said the two rappers in this video uncle murder and mado he was prosecuted for attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and mano did 10 years in prison for robbing and kidnapping a drug dealer. these are the people you are associating yourself with? and it's really shameful. >> i didn't even know. katy, i didn't even know that you know, you just cranked it up one step worse. i had no idea.p##0setqirje5ipá c merritt behind this? i understand you want to send a message hands up, don't shoot. it's amazing message and it has merit. this is not the way that you go about doing it. >> you are right, katie. >> you certainly do not affiliate yourself with that. absolutely not. >> katy and ted, thank you both. coming up, the art of test test
11:55 pm
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the art of apology, the real kind and the kind you cover you know what after you get
11:59 pm
caught. amy49s. pascal producer scott ruden issuing statements> apologizing to anyone who was offended by their racially insensitive cracks about president obama after they got caught in a hacked sony email exchange. in the email exchange pascal and ruden wonder about the president's taste in movies and its inappropriate. hollywood apologies for the exchange seem forced to me. covering their tails after being exposed. neither had the courage to say sorry on camera. which prince me to the korean culture they really know how apologize. none of the if i offended you stuff. hiding from the cameras. korean chairman and his daughter after the daughter exhibited very boorish behavior because the first class flight attendant served her macadamians notes in a bag instead of on a plate. asking for forgiveness and taking a deep bow of apology. the daughter offering a deep bow of apology. now, those are good apologies. they convinced me they mean it we could learn from them. and that's my off-the-record
12:00 am
good night, i will see you monday night right here 7:00 p.m. good night from new york city. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye," the bahamas get a makeover just in time for tourist season. we will discuss how global warming is changing the face of this once tropical resort. plus, how did the president feel about "the good wife" being nominated for a golden globe earlier this week? >> nothing was more important. that's a big deal. >> and finally, doggie motorcycle gang. wewe've got the exclusive look at the show pup of anarchy. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guests. she can wound you with a smile, but she prefers to use


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